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Listing of adult contacts, products and services, sex-related services, sex products, adult products, adult entertainment, perverted, perversion allows you to list your contact information in the directory, in a similar way as you would contract a listing in the classified ads of a newspaper, a phone book, yellow pages or similar directory.

Why is this interesting? Because .TEL domains have been designed specifically to be viewed in all kinds of mobile devices, such as PDAs, telephones, and of course computers. No Web page is required, not even a computer, only access to Internet. And there are 4 BILLION mobile devices in the world!

Since many lonely adults travel around a lot, or might not have a computer at home, the *best* way to provide them your contact data is to make it available in such a way that they can easily find it, even on their phones.

No matter what kind of sex or adult products or services you sell, you will want your customers to find you, whether it is by phone, mail, web page or any other means of contact. Up to 25 different contact methods are provided for you to use! It is also possible to provide geographical data in the event that you are bound to a specific area, so that your customers can locate you quickly. You also have the possibility to create a description like this, which explains why your services are the best, and include keywords that will attract your specific customer segment. WE will then make sure that your entry is indexed by search engines, so that your entry comes up first when people search for your specific keywords.

Please go to our website to hire your own listing today! Since each entry is unique, somebody might be already thinking about getting it!

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